The Delphi Oracle

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The Delphi Oracle

Date Added: May 28, 2008 10:00:12 PM
Author: theo
Author's Website: Theo Koletsis
Category: Τέχνες, Πολιτισμός & Κοινωνία: Ιστορία
Apollo, a complex personality in the olympic pantheon, pronounces his forecasts thru Pythia.

Unlike other temples of Apollo, who had a man prophet, Delphi woman assumes the role - perhaps an indication of matriarchy survival.

Initially Pythia gave oracles once a year, every spring the birthday of Apollo, on 7 of Thargelion month.

Later, the oracle could be reached on 7 each month, except in the winter, when Apollo was leaving the Delphi area and was travelling to the country of Hyperboreans or the valley of Tempi to clean himself of the murder of Python.

With the water of the Kastalia spring cleaned up the temple, priests, the oracle, the staff of the

shrine and the pilgrims.

Besides cleanup, Castalia gave and poetic inspiration. The prophetic, however, spring, Kassotis, gushed inside adyton.

From there Pythia drunk the famous lalon ydor (speaking water) - as the legend says - and when the spring came out of water then just missed and the prophetic powers of the place.

With clergy determined the series of the prophecy, with the exception of those who were honored with the privilege of priority. The person responsible for oracle, the "theopropos", offered a cake, the pelanos, while the priests controlled the suitability of the day washing a goat with water.

The skip of the animal meant that was a good sign for the god to mean. After the test, the goat was now sacrificed, along with other animals offered by the pilgrims.